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Welcome to Mountain Canine Corps! 

Thank you for your interest in Mountain Canine Corps!  MCC is a proud member of the New Mexico search and rescue community. We are a nonprofit search and rescue (SAR) organization that is composed entirely of volunteers. Our mission is the training and fielding of search dogs and personnel to help locate missing persons. Our motto is that of the SAR community - “that others may live.” We focus primarily on training for and participating in SAR missions in the wilderness setting.

MCC is a member of the New Mexico Emergency Services Council, the New Mexico Search and Rescue Council and the National Association for Search and Rescue.

As part of the search and rescue community in New Mexico and the four corners region, we are called out for searches, often along with numerous other teams, through the Incident Command System. We respond to search missions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We deploy on search missions in all kinds of weather, over all kinds of terrain. Our minimal deployment size in the field is the canine's handler, the canine, and a support specialist. Although we are volunteers, MCC's size means that we can often deploy 4 or more of these teams on a mission.

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