Interested in becoming a member of MCC?

Thanks for your interest in joining Mountain Canine Corps! MCC members contribute in a number of ways to the team; some people function as support specialists and others as canine handlers of their search dogs. Yet others provide important practice, training, and testing assistance for our team members. All of these contributions are critical for our team’s success as they help our team members, both human and canine, achieve and maintain mission readiness. We are all volunteers.

To get started:

Please read our New Member Guidelines

Participation in any capacity requires you to sign our waiver.  Thanks!

Here is some information to let you know what to expect from the team and what will be expected of you. Whatever your desire for your ultimate team function, you must minimally be willing to:


1. Learn, improve, and share your knowledge of important skills for search and rescue (SAR) in topics such as wilderness medicine, navigation (traditional map and compass and GPS), clue awareness, and communications.

2. If you will be going on missions, take and pass: New Mexico's Field Certification Test

What to expect

Study Guide

FEMA IS-100.B: Introduction to Incident Command System

FEMA, IS-200.B: ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents

3. Become knowledgeable in canine search work and scent theory,

4. Be physically fit in a manner that meets or exceeds your team functions,

5. Equip yourself properly for your team functions, and

6. Help others achieve and maintain mission readiness and contribute to team needs.