Rainbow Bridge

In memory of our search and rescue dogs who have passed.

Brenda - Brenda was an "accidental" puppy, born in Dixon on my birthday in 1991. We didn't want a dog so soon after our last one died, so we debated a whole evening before going back to get her, and never regretted it.

She found her true purpose in life after we stumbled onto a Mountain Canine Corps practice and were invited to join them. She learned very quickly, went on many searches, and was credited with leading the helicopter to a 4-year-old boy who had been lost for two nights and given up for dead. In her spare time she was a trickster who could always fool us and make us laugh.

Carbon - Carbon joined the DuBois family in 1990, the same yeartheir first daughter was born.  The 2 grew up together, and Carbon spent many hours in the backyard "babysitting."  He was known on the team as "Snack Master", as he had a propensity to grab people's treat bags from their hands.  Most learned to put treats in tupperwear containers.

Carbon was a wonderful SAR dog who escorted Terry to many searches and many seminars.  He was a friend to all.  Carbon spent his retirement in an elementary school, helping kids realize big dogs can be gentle creatures

Duke - Duke, a Brittany Spaniel was Debbi’s first search dog, and actually had Mountain Canine Corps’  first ‘find’.

Both being Green and fairly new to the team, she followed him around on a search one dark night, and all of a sudden he stood up against his tracking  leash and sniffed the air off in one direction. Debbi called the lost subject’s name, and he answered!!!!  Certified in both live tracking/trailing and cadaver, Duke was involved in many searches for MCC, and also deployed to Oklahoma City after the Tornadoes in 1999.  He crossed the rainbow bride at age 14.


Hank - Dave Kolman started Hank in SAR when he realized that the incredibly-hyper, people-loving Lab / Golden puppy needed a job to channel his energy. Hank took to tracking immediately and loved to go out on searches, especially in the middle of the night. Hank had boundless energy and would track all day and night. When some callouts required leaving him home, Hank would have to be dragged away from the door so Dave could leave without him. In base camp, stressed-out family members would often gravitate to the large, sweet dog for therapeutic petting. Hank participated in over 50 searches with a couple of finds. Hank will be remembered for his friendliness and enthusiasm, and for battering knees and car doors with the world's most powerful tail.


Kayla - Debbi Miller went to the east mountains one day to look at some "fox red" male Labrador puppies for her next search dog.  She came home with a black female!  Kayla's drive for a tennis ball (preferred even to steak!) made her an ideal search dog.  Kayla and Debbie spent 12 great years together searching the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado for both live and deceased subjects.  Kayla retired from SAR at 12, and passed away at age 14 1/2. 


Jonah - Terry DuBois began training Jonah in 1986 when MC2 was formed.  Being her first SAR dog, she knew little of what or how to train a dog.  She met Bob Cowan (another founding member) in an obedience class and he suggested she meet up with the few others trying to start the team.

Jonah was a junk yard dog, through and through.  Though rescued as a pup in Albquerque in 1980, he was never properly socialized.  He was a hard worker who loved people and hated other dogs.  He taught Terry many things which later translated into better training for upcoming dogs.

Pecos - Dave DuBois started training Pecos in 1995 when Pecos was 12 weeks old.  Cattle dogs learn quickly, but his protective nature made things difficult at times.  He was loyal to his family but cautious of strangers.  Pecos had numerous medical problems which robbed him of a long life.

He was a proficient tracker, air scenter, and human remains detector.  His devotion to Dave will never be forgotten.

Ted - Ted was Dave DuBois' first search dog.  He was rescued in Albuquerque in 1980 as a puppy. Dave started training him with MC2 in 1986 when the team was first founded.
Unfortunately, Ted died in 1989 but was a faithful companion and SAR dog for his short life.